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18, 25 February

Education Hour

Prayers of the People Writing Workshop

Prayers of the People writing workshop with Alan Christensen as instructor/co-learner.

Did you know that the Book of Common Prayer authorizes congregations to write their own Prayers of the People? In this series we'll learn some of the theology behind why we have the Prayers of the People, the Prayer Book's requirements for composing original prayers, and some helpful hints for writing well-crafted prayers. The goal of this series is to deepen and enrich our prayer life as a congregation so that this part of our liturgy may even more truly become the prayers of the people.

Our adult education class meets between Sunday services (~ 9:05–9:50 am) in Wilson Hall. Please join us for coffee and a variety of discussions, lectures and topics!

2 & 3 February

Fierce Conversations

Learn how to have Fierce Conversations at a workshop Friday, March 2 and Saturday, March 3. $50

Fierce Conversations is a "guide to tackling your toughest challenges and decisions and enriching relationships through principles, tools, and assignments.” One of the premises of Fierce Conversations is that success or failure can happen one conversation at a time, and that if you can’t talk about what truly matters a lack of productivity and change can be the result. This training is applicable to school and work situations, as well as to church issues, so please come if you are interested in helping any arena of your life become more productive and healthy.

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