Service Times

—  Sunday  —

8 AM   Holy Eucharist

10 AM   Holy Eucharist

—  Tuesday  —

12:10 PM   Quiet Eucharist

—  Wednesday  —

9:30 PM   Compline

Sunday Services

Rite I Holy Eucharist  8:00 AM

An early morning service with readings, prayers and communion.

Rite II Holy Eucharist  10:00 AM

Readings, prayers and communion, with choir and organ accompaniment. During the first half of this service we offer a nursery and various programs for children and youth.

There is sign language interpretation at this service. Our interpreter generally uses PSE signs, but can emphasize ASL or SEE if requested.

After the service we have a coffee hour with light snacks.


Quiet Eucharist  12:10 PM

Quiet Eucharist in the chapel—a sweet, reflective service in the middle of the week, celebrating the saint of the day. Tuesdays from 12:10 - 12:50 (except the days of Bach's Lunch concert).


Compline  9:30 PM

A contemplative evening service with traditional chanting choir.